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Facebook Chat is AWESOME!

I have no idea how I haven’t been on Facebook Chat this whole time or why all of a sudden, I am on Facebook Chat now but this is the best things EVER! I signed on my Facebook a few days ago and all of a sudden


West Coast Hook Up Buddy: hey baby 

Me: hi! how do you know i’m online right now?

W.C.H.U.B: you have a green dot by your name

Me: wait, what? 

W.C.H.U.B: a green dot. it shows you’re on facebook and available to chat

Me: wait, what? 

Okay, so besides my Facebook ineptness, THIS SHIT IS COOOOOL!

Not only is it the best way to avoid having an actual phone conversation (I hate talking on the phone) but it’s even easier than texting! No longer do we have to ‘booty call’ or even ‘booty text,’ we can ‘booty Facebook.’ Which honestly, with having full access to their photos and profile, I think could possibly help drunk people make better drunk decisions.

After a quick convo with a friend who just recently moved out to CA from the east coast, me and the H.U.B. decided that he would come scoop me from the hotel I am staying at and go Taco Truck Hunting.

Side Note: We probably have very different definitions of what constitutes a Hook Up Buddy from a Boyfriend or even someone that you’re Just Dating but for the purposes of this story, a H.U.B isn’t just a fuck buddy, think more of a Friends With Benefits situation where we don’t just hook up, we actually hang out a bunch too and I can talk him into things like coming to pick me up at my hotel for late night food and neither of us ever have to worry about finding a ride to the airport. 

Side Side Note: Taco Truck Hunting is where we drive around with both of our phones out (completely illegal) using Twitter and Facebook to chase down the nearest food truck at 1 in the morning. It’s a sport as well as an art form and me and the H.U.B have it down to a science.

So I caught up with my girl, plus made plans with a boy, all the while still simultaneously stalking my ex-boyfriend on Facebook? Talk about productivity. 

As if that wasn’t convincing enough, today I signed on to Facebook to upload some photos and


East Coast Friends With Benefits: hey sexy

Me: hiiii!!!! how are you?

E.C.F.W.B:  i miss you. come play in hawaii!

Me: you’re in hawaii?

E.C.F.W.B: yeah, i moved here two days ago, come visit- i’ll take you hiking and surfing!

WTF? AMAZING! So now in three conversations on Facebook Chat, I have reconnected with an old friend, got late night food with my H.U.B AND I sparked things up again with an absolutely wonderful Friends With Benefits who now wants to show me around Hawaii. Whaaat? Amazing. 

…and I have to admit, it felt pretty damn good to see the green dot next to my ex’s name the whole time- which proves he equally has nothing better to do than be on Facebook on a Saturday night.


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From Homeless to the Ritz

So, as you all know by now, I am homeless… 

And completely cool with it.

I’d rather put my rent into my gas tank and I have a really comfy backseat. 

But right now, I am writing this in my suuuper comfy bed at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey.

Only in LA can someone go from being homeless to ordering room service at the Ritz.  

Okay, so I don’t exactly have my own room. I’m shacking up with my mom who is visiting for the week from Virginia but it just goes to show how quickly things can change over here in LA LA Land.

New York gets the title of the City of 1,000 Dreams and claims sayings like “Quicker than a New York Minute” but really, LA is where its at.

Everyone is out here for a reason. We’ve all left our family and friends behind to pursue a dream and a life that we know we can only create here. We gave up a lot and we go through a lot and almost everyone has the same story and struggle and the greatest thing in the world is that, absolutely and no matter what, We All Love It. I could go on and on about this (and I will later on this week) but there’s an energy in this town that I have never felt anywhere else.

It’s electric… and addictive and we thrive on it.  

That’s saying a lot coming from me right now considering that I just got my ass kicked by this town (see previous post) but already, I’m falling back on track. Can I getta Hell Yeah!? 

Okay, my boyfriend broke up with me… but I have an super special and fun hook up buddy that has been in and out of my life for the past 2 years and things have been really awesome recently. Everyone says the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, so why not give it a shot? 

Okay, the production company that I was working with fell off the face of the planet… but as I was enjoying a mango strawberry smoothie at the beautiful sunshiney pool, my friend called and offered me a production job on a show starting in two weeks. Now I have time to get my ducks back in a row and maybe make a few new connections (and if nothing else, some awesome new friends) Perfect. 

And okay, I had to move out of my apartment and into my car… but it forced me to be totally On The Go and On My Hussle for the past few weeks and really got me back in my groove (and staying here with my mom definitely does not suck.)

And so, there you have it. I’m back in a place of love and appreciation and only besides LA, that is definitely the best place to be. 

Thanks for reading! xoxo 

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Been on repeat in my head all day long

I am in love with this song. Hope where ever you are, you feel Home.

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Love is Blind… And Apparently Delusional

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was recently dumped by my boyfriend because I am a vegetarian and he wants to hunt. Yeah. Seriously. Besides the fact that the whole situation is ridiculous, I really can’t believe that I didn’t see it coming.

We started dating almost as a fluke. We were friends that had a previous fling who decided to move in to a house together with a few other friends up in Big Bear (a ski and snowboard mountain in southern California.) Literally, two nights after I moved in, we drank too much cheap whiskey, make out and I claimed ‘my side’ of his bed and moved in to his room for the rest of the season. It was an interesting situation that was unexpectedly awesome. We got along great and honestly, there isn’t shit to do up in Big Bear in the winter besides snowboard, drink and hook up so it was the perfect time to fall into a new boyfriend. I, in no way was looking for a relationship but things with T were so effortless. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met and I loved doing stuff with him, from making dinner to taking day trips off the mountain to fight cabin fever to just taking laps snowboarding. One time, I remembered that I had left my yoga mat outside in the windy, snowy cold and he jumped up out of bed and brought it inside for me with out me even having to ask! Not only was he amazing in those ways, but he intuitively understood me in a way that no guy has ever gotten me before. Needless to say, I was smitten.

We took a bunch of trips to visit his family in Solvang (which is 5 hours from Big Bear, right outside Santa Barbara) and I fell completely in love with his family. T’s parents are hands down two of the most amazing people that I have ever met and I absolutely loved every minute I spent with them. I was totally cool with the idea of having a commuter relationship once summer came, where we would be three hours away from each other with me living in Venice. It’s all good, “love conquers all,” right?

Me and T were perfect all winter long. We never fought (we ‘disagreed’ but we always talked things out before anything ever escalated) we had extremely similar temperaments, sometimes we partied, other times we stayed in and all and all, it was a pretty freakin’ stellar relationship.

I was in the process of writing T into my life but I kept saying “If we make it through the summer…” because a relationship is easy when there is nothing else to do but if we made it through the summer, I knew it would be huge. I knew that being up in Big Bear and snowboarding every day diluted our personalities. I am a slightly different person in Big Bear than who I am in Venice simply because of my surroundings and daily activities. I knew from meeting T’s family and friends back in Solvang that he was different as well. What I was curious about was, would our summer personalities be as compatible as our winter ones?  

T is a ‘cowboy’ in every sense of the word. He grew up on a farm, goes to rodeos, knows how to drive a tractor and he definitely won’t be voting for Obama in the 2012 election. I’m from Virginia and went to school in North Carolina so I understand the mentality and I have a soft spot for southern boys. That being said, I’m pretty hippie-ed out. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was old enough to tell my parents I don’t want to eat meat, I’ve backpacker and hitchhiked all around the world and I’m really getting into yoga and meditation.  

We had very different interests but we were operating from very similar moral compasses (or so I thought.) I loved the fact that we were so different and I, from the bottom of my heart, enjoyed what made us who we were. 

The cracks started to show a month into T being back in Solvang. It seemed that back in his hometown with his hometown friends, T was a different guy. Without the laid backness of snowboarding and our mountain friends, me and T had very different ideas of what ‘fun’ was. His late night texts were regularly incomprehendible (gotta love drunk texts) and what ever little time I did get him on the phone to catch up, he rushed me off the line. While I was at the beach, working on stuff for the show (see previous post) and grilling out with friends and surfing, T was getting black out wasted on his friend’s expensive boats and partying nonstop.

Apparently, our summer personalities did not get along. 

A few days later, we got in an argument over him wanting to go party on the lake and me wanting to go to a Dispatch concert and little did I know at the time but that would be the last full conversation of our relationship. Miscommunication was taking over, things were starting to get heated and I tried to break the tension with a Big Lebowski quote “This aggression will not stand, man” and it went right over his head. We opened the relationship up. 

Our entire relationship, I in no way ever thought that T and I were meant to be. My parents are happily married after 27 years together and my mom always told me that “When you know, you know”… and I didn’t know with T. But then again, “I don’t know” was SOOOO much closer than I have ever gotten with any other guy (which is usually “Absolutely not”) so I started thinking, what if my “I don’t know” is “I Know”?

With all of this, you would think that I would be okay with him finally sending me an ‘It’s over’ break up text… but I wasn’t. I had never been broken up with before and I NEEDED to work it out. Love conquers all and I LOVED him. If I could just talk to him face to face, if I could just touch his arm while he was talking to me, if I could just be with him, we could work it out. But I didn’t text him because in my heart, I knew he didn’t want to and I was crushed.  

At the bottom, I called my best girlfriend Chevas and broke down “Maybe I do want to live in Solvang, work at his parents bakery, let him hunt and be happy with T” What was so bad about killing a bunny anyway? I could live in the country! 

And then I realized- I had lost my damn mind. 

And I started laughing. Seriously. In the middle of my tear-filled speech, I heard what I was saying and I started laughing. 

It was done. We were done. Love is blind, sometimes borderlining delusional but it’s going to be fine and I am okay. Phew. Holy shit, shake it off. 

It scares me how distorted things can get when powerful emotions are involved. It scares me that I might have been willing to settle and give up on my dreams and love of living in LA. It scares me that I was willing to possibly compromise one of the longest commitments that I had made to myself ever over a guy. But most importantly, it EXCITES me to think how amazing it will be when I meet the guy who I’m meant to be with… and I won’t have to.    

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Adventures on a Pot Farm

Sooo as I mentioned earlier, I had just broken up with my boyfriend, moved out of my apartment and into my car, jumping full swing back into life on the road. I was contemplating my next adventure when my friend, let’s call him Jackie, texted me-

Duuuudey, come up and make some extra cash trimming ganja in the mountains. It’s like summer camp for adults.

Wait, what? Ganja? The mountains? SUMMER CAMP? Whaaat?!

I have to look into this… so I googled it.

Is trimming pot fun?

Google: Illegal, grey area, paranoia, helicopters, gang robberies.

Hmmm…. not so awesome. But I knew Jackie pretty well so I figured there must be more to the story. I needed to get out of LA to clear my head anyway so I decided to drive up to Big Bear Lake and hang out with some of my snowboarder friends who had trimmed last summer. If anyone could prep me for what to expect, is was them… plus I just super stoked to play with my winter friends again! 

Being in the mountains was a fresh of breath air and I listened to crazy stories about trimming, camping and cops. What it sounded like was it was going to be really tough job in shitty conditions for good money and an insane story to tell. I’m in.

I casually mentioned it to my friend, Kait and totally unexpectedly, she was in too. Now I have a partner in crime! Sweet!    

We had no idea what to expect but the next day, we packed our stuff and hit the rode at 9 in the morning. 

It was an insanely long car ride (10+ hours!) but we were so excited about the prospect of adventure (and hopped up on 5 Hour Energys) that the drive flew by. I drove the whole way and Kait was the Navigator and Emergency Phone Operator. We had gotten a text from Jackie saying that we needed our ‘scripts’ (medical marijuana prescriptions) to trim and considering that we were already 4 hours into the drive and in the middle of freakin’ nowhere on the 5, that was a problem. We were suppose to be keeping our trimming adventure slightly on the down low but that was shot to shit as we sent out MayDay texts to every single pot head friend we knew. We even called a doctor and asked if he could Skype our prescription (“No.”) All panic was for nothing though as Jackie texted a few hours later saying it would be good for us to have a script but it’s not necessary. PHEW! Crisis averted even though now half of southern California knew that me and Kait were about to be part of a trimming operation, ha, oh well.  

Hundreds of miles and an accidently skipped toll booth later, we arrived in beautiful Northern CA. After stories from my friends and from Bloggers online, I expected something so much worse. The town we were in was gorgeous and I could immediately feel my body relax and my heart leap in the presence of the huge, ancient redwoods and crisp mountain air. This was going to be good. This was going to be mellow. This is goooood. 

Jackie met us in a gas station parking lot and gave me and Kait (who he just met) a huge hug *I have amazing friends* and we followed him in his truck up to “the cabin.” 

Absolutely, positively NOT what I was expecting. At all. At all at all. This wasn’t some little cabin in the woods, this was a freaking house! With a wrap around porch, a washer/dryer, TV, even import beers in the fridge for goodness sake. Say whaaat?! This place was more luxurious than my own house. We definitely weren’t going to need the tent in the trunk of my car. 

Jackie introduced me and Kait to the other girls working in the house. Krystle was a trimmer like us, Clara was working with the trim in the back and both girls were unbelievably nice. Amazing!

We hung out for a bit, drank a beer and Jackie showed me how to set up my ‘station’ for trimming. Basically, after pot is cut off the plant, it’s hung upside down to dry and the leaves curl over the buds. It’s the trimmer’s job to carefully snip away the leaves to reveal the bud which is then checked for large stems or crows feet, snipped, bagged, weighed and sold to a medical dispensary- put that in your pipe and smoke it. Haha, sorry I had to.

So now I had my own little station that consisted of a big plastic tray, a few sets of small scissors, a bag for buds, a bag for trim (the extra leaves from the plant) and a big bag full of untrimmed pot. I got this. 

I started trimming that night while Kait and the girls watched Inglorious Bastards. Trimming is easy, redundant work that totally allows your mind to wander and process whatever else that you might be working on in your subconscious or whatever. It was so nice to just zone out and relax while still feeling totally productive.

Trimming is also rad because you can work on your own schedule and at your own pace. However much money you want to make, it’s up to you how much you want to work. 

We took a lot of breaks to go on nature hikes along the river behind the house (incredible!) to eat yummy hippie organic food and to basically do whatever we wanted- for me it was yoga on the deck, for Kait it was smoke breaks in the back. While you trim, the THC crystals come off the plant and stick to your fingers which A. gets you high and B. gets really annoying so you have to take lots of breaks to clean your hands with canola oil or rubbing alcohol. I’m typing this still with hash stuck under my finger nails. Not a bad job at all.

I was surrounded by more pot that I have ever seen in my life. Literally, pounds and pounds everywhere and it was completely (more or less) legal. After talking to Jackie, I learned that every single plant on the farm was accounted for by someone with a script and they did everything they could to stick to exactly what CA law was by the book to avoid any and all complications with the police.

That took some weight off my shoulders but that didn’t stop us from getting a little paranoid every time we heard the helicopters circling over head… which happened all day, every day we were there. What was hilarious was that as the day went on and everyone got more and more stoned, random panic attacks would take ahold of our vagabond staff which would inspire some pretty funny actions.

This is probably a good time to mention that I don’t smoke pot. I know, totally weird but totally true. I had my stoner fun in high school but I grew out of it years ago and it has never been the same for me since. I don’t mind the occasional edible (mmm… weedaccini al fredo) but other than that, not interested. With that being said, I was contact high the entire time we were trimming.

Being the least high of the group was awesome and absolutely hilarious. Countless times throughout the day, one of the girls or Jackie would be walking in circles, asking themselves what they were going to do or say, we could never find the house phone and regularly a question would be asked, not heard, and forgotten that it was even asked until the situation that was asked about came and went. One night, after hearing the standard helicopters all day, Jackie freaked out and closed all of the windows and doors, only to ask us why everything was closed up and locked a few hours later. These were regular occurrences in the cabin and I loved it. Always an adventure, right?

Five O’Clock Somewhere…


We trimmed for a few days in this Pot Paradise, existing peacefully, tucked way back in the mountains of California. Honestly, I was hoping to fall off the grid a little bit more but with television and a house phone, I was still all too aware of the outside world even with zero cell phone service. None the less, it was amazing. 

Me and Kait had planned to stay up in the cabin for a little over a week but three days in, Jackie said that we would all be having to move to ‘the land’ which was where the actual plants were growing and being farmed. Me and Kait weren’t too stoked about having to camp after living it up for the past few days in the house (even though that’s what we originally thought we were in for) and last minute, we decided that we would be leaving back to LA that night. Talk about minute by minute.    

Trimming up in Northern CA was a blast. Jackie talked about how people come up there to work, or heal or to just have a good time and I can totally see how it can be whatever anyone needs it to be. The people I met up there were some of the most genuine, down to earth people that I have ever met and I feel so incredibly blessed to have been a part of such an adventure… even with police choppers circling overhead. 

This story is COMPLETELY FICTIONAL. It is what I THINK working on a marijuana farm would be like. Absolutely nothing in this post is true and any mention of true events or people are entirely coincidental. 

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Ah, the advantages of detachment

So I woke up on the 4th of July with a ton of energy and a half a tank of gas in my car. I had totally decided that I was going to say in Venice for the 4th the night before but after 20 minutes of being awake, I changed my mind. After my little stint of driving to and from NorCal, Big Bear and Venice way too many times, I had settled on letting my car (and body) rest at the beach… or so I thought. I woke up at 11 and by 11:30, I was on the road back up to Big Bear so I could play with my snowboarder friends and watch the fireworks from their boat. Why did I suddenly change my mind? I have no idea… my friends at the beach are absolutely just as fun but I had never spent a 4th in Big Bear and suddenly for some reason, I just had to Go- the coolest thing in the world was that I could. With no warning and no one to answer to, I just took off and 3 hours later I was tanning on my friend’s boat, drinking 7&7s. The whole day was a blast. From failed back flips off the rocks to a freak thunderstorms and sitting right under the fireworks on the water- I could not have asked for a more prefect and completely random adventure. And I am so thankful. Not only for the amazing time but for the fact that I am finally falling back into my ‘live your life as a choose your own adventure’ book mentality… no plans, no limits, not very much sleep- and I love that shit.

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Adventures in Pot Farming: Part II… CONTINUED!

Ooookay, thanks for sticking with me through that little bout of daytime drinking!

Mmm, beer… 

If you haven’t already, please check out Adventures in Pot Farming I & II so you are totally up to speed because things are about to get hectic.  

So me and Jen are up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere trimming pot. It’s relaxing and amazing and we are ‘camping’ in the woods with a bunch of other crazy-awesome cats from all over the world. 

As soon as we arrived, we met everyone and I immediately began taking shots of some yummy authentic Mexican tequila that one of the guys brought all the way from, you guessed it, Mexico. It was amazing. I felt calm and at home and the most grounded I had felt in a long time. Ahhh…..

This was exactly the kind of retreat I was hoping for the first time when me and Kait came up to trim a few days before. It was just our group of (new) friends, away from the world… except this time we all had cell phone service. Rad. We spent our first night getting to know everyone, playing with the Land dogs (so cute!) and getting used to our surroundings. 

One thing that I hadn’t anticipated was how freaking cold it was. OMG, BRRRRRR!!!! The first time I came to trim, me and Kait packed tons of warm shit and it was super hot the whole time so this time, I packed lighter. One pair of jeans, shorts, tee’s, a hoodie and a light blanket and dude, it was FREEZING! I was super thankful for the little fire heating up the place but I woulda LOVED my cozy comforter and an old pair of sweats right about then, for sure. Oh well. What does not kill you… we all passed out.

In the middle of the night, we were all awoken by a crazy vibrating sensation and a handful of huge shakes. I would like to add here that I am probably one of the heaviest sleepers in the whole entire world. I fall asleep on the couch in the middle of rowdy parties, I sleep in youth hostels and in college, I regularly slept through the fire alarm that drunk partyers set off in our dorm- but this woke me straight up. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!! It shook the hell outta the little house on stilts that we were all sleeping in and everyone woke up, looked around at each other and… went back to sleep without saying a word?! Seriously. Not a peep. I guess, that’s what happens when you are constantly around really good pot, you become suuuper mellow. Okay. But still, this was probably the most intense earthquake I have ever felt while living in CA and all of us had absolutely no reaction. A few hours later, we were all woken again by the after shock and same stitch- not a peep! I love it.

In the morning, everyone recapped what they were thinking when the earthquake hit and after a few hours of trimming, me and Jen went for a little nature walk and saw this-

Say whaaaat?!?!?! That just happened. So it was a serious earthquake! And my ass was in a homemade house (seriously, Jackie and his boys constructed the house themselves) on stilts in the middle of the wilderness. That coulda been bad… but of course, it wasn’t. I was born with a horse shoe up my ass. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day and after hours of trimming, nature walks and yummy food (they cook you three meals a day while you are working and for real, it was probably some of the best food that I have ever eaten. Super healthy, all organic and vegetarian- yep, heaven) I was getting really stoned from handling so much THC and being in the same room with constant rotating joints and bongs.

I don’t smoke so being high can get a little disorienting, especially because its such a mellow contact high, I didn’t even realize it until all of a sudden I, like, really really REALLY liked every song that was being played and I started day dreaming about Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter sandwiches. Being that high meant a few things, 1. I had to take a lot of breaks and 2. I got way into my own head.

I was sitting at my little station, chattin’ it up with my new friends, really having a grand old time when all of a sudden a wave of complete ickyness took over me. It was so weird and so intense. Like I was playing at the beach in the sunshine when out of nowhere, a storm rolls in and the weather changes at the drop of a hat and you have to immediately get the hell outta dodge (being from the east coast with it’s southern weather patterns, I am use to that.)  I think I was literally mid-sentence when I put down the pot I was trimming and walked over to my cellphone at the other end of the room.

I started typing up a text

Please please give me a call as soon as you—-

And I stopped. If you have read anything I have written by now then you should know exactly who I was about to send that to. But I didn’t. 

I exited out of the text message I was about to send to my ex-boyfriend, walked outside and called one of my best friends, Chevas. 

She picked up and I couldn’t even squeak out “Hello” before I immediately started crying. And not ::sniffle sniffle, squeak:: crying but I-Can’t-Breathe, Gasping-for-air-from-the-bottom-of-my-lungs crying.

I quickly blurted out “I’m not dead and I’m not dying” so she didn’t completely freak out (I know my friends so well) and laid into everything that was tearing me down right then. The fact that I was homeless, jobless (if you don’t count trimming pot), boyfriendless and production companyless had all hit me again at the same time and I had the last and final break down of the shittiest month ever, June 2011.  

It’s times like these when you realize how amazing your friends really are. I kept Chev on the line, sobbing my eyes out for the next 35 minutes. I cried about everything, about nothing and then I cried about how pathetic it was that I was even crying. I told her that I wanted to give up creating my own television show, I told her that I wanted to make things work with my ex no matter how much of a jack ass he was being, I told her that I just couldn’t live the way I had been anymore and that nothing in my life was going right and that I never thought it ever would be again.  

And she just listened. And listened and listened. And then finally said

"Please don’t give up just because things have gotten hard." 

She then proceeded to give the kind of pep talk that only a best friend who absolutely believed in you could possibly give. She told me how giving up now with the show and regretting it later is a bijillion times worse than any disappointment I could be feeling right now. She told me how following a boy (especially this particular boy) will only ever lead me somewhere that I never had any interest in being and how everything was going to be okay, it is always okay and it can only get better.  

I argued with her a bit. Okay, well, a lot but she was relentless in being not only my cheerleader but my sage (she is a little older than me and has gone through some similar shit) and most importantly at the moment, my rock.

It was about this exact moment in time when I was claiming that I had decided that I wanted to move to Solvang, patch things up with T, work at his parents bakery and let him kill baby bunnies that I finally heard the crazy amount of shit that was coming out of my mouth.

WTF? I use to be such a strong, happy go lucky chick. What the hell happened? I said, I must be too high. 

I had lost my god damn mind… and I started laughing. The best kind of laughter, so real and genuine. The kind that starts in your belly and bubbles up through your heart. It’s like that first gasp of air after you knock the wind out of yourself. You never thought you would breathe again and then all of a sudden, Ahh! It just fills your whole body up and you know it’s all okay.

I opened my eyes to the beautiful scenery that I was surrounded by and immediately felt better. What really could be so wrong in the world when I get to look out at this!  

90% of what’s going on is only in your head anyway. Instead of being jobless, homeless and boyfriendless- I am actually just totally free to take any opportunity that life presented me with… and I LOVE that kind of shit! 

I thanked Chev a thousand times over, picked myself back up and got back into trimming.

I trimmed the rest of the day while listening to The Secret on Jen’s iPod and felt so tremendously better. By the end of the night, I felt like a whole new person. Excited for my adventure and happy about where I am in life. 

We all drank a few beers before bed and slept hard in the crisp, clean mountain air. The next day, me and Jen got weighed out for what we had trimmed and happily headed back home to LA.

I literally felt 1,273,127 times better and was so amazingly thankful for my little meditative retreat. Jen and I brainstormed the entire way home and I began to get excited about everything again. 

I dropped Jen off with plans to email her info about what we had been brainstorming and a promise to myself to put a concentrated effort into managing my ‘online identity.’ So here’s my 14th blog in 5 days… I think I’m on the right track :)  

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Happy Birthday America!!! Now let’s go set off some illegal fireworks and drink too much cheap beer- whoohoo!   

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Adventures in Pot Farming: Part II

After driving from LA to Big Bear to Northern CA, back to LA, back to Big Bear and then finally back to LA in less than a week, I drove straight from Big Bear to Barney’s Beanery to meet my friend, Jen Friel at the bar. I was exhausted but super stoked to catch up with her and I would never let a silly thing like sleep get in the way. Jen is a social media expert (ultimate understatement) and one of my most favorite new friends in LA. She is such a smart, fun and down to earth chick and I LOVE the fact that she is always hustling and up for an adventure. She’s ridiculously rad, check out if you don’t believe me… or just check it out anyway, you’ll thank me later.

At the bar, I happened to mention how I had just gotten back from trimming up north and Jen’s mouth dropped open. She had to go. Had to. How soon can we go?  

Efffffffffff. I had juuuust gotten back to LA and even though it’s not like I had a home to go decompress in, I did have a special fella that I was looking forward to lying in bed with for the next 24 hours… or more (but more on that later.) But, I am never one to turn down an adventure. So I texted Jackie. I hadn’t even finished my beer when he texted back, we’re in. OMG. OMFG. I just signed myself up for an 8 hour car trip and three more days of trimming on ‘the land’ (see previous post.) The Land was kind of exciting for me because I hadn’t been there yet so I had no idea what to expect or prep for and I love that kind of shit.

Me and Jen made plans to get our scripts the next day and hit the road around noon. Okay, I’m stoked. Sometimes you just gotta power through the tiredness and find your 387,297th wind.  

The next day, I slept in late. Then later. Then I decided to say ‘Fuck it’ to getting my script, left to scoop Jen around 1pm and hit the road (again!) 

NorCal, here we come! 

We made great time even with a few stops (Pyramid Lake is soooo beautiful! I wanna play on a boat in it!) and the whole way we brainstormed while she Tweeted and kept up with her site. I have recently discovered how cool social media really is so I was absorbing the way she stays connected like a sponge. It was totally cool to see how she merges it with her life.

The weather in NorCal was CRAZY!!! Thunderstorms, pouring rain and out of control fog. Growing up on the east coast and living in the mountains of CA, I’ve learned to drive in some seriously knarly shit but this was nuts. Winding up the foggy mountain roads, I had to keep up with the SUV in front of us just so I could follow his break lights and stay on the road. I’m telling you, KNARLY. 

We got up to the town, left my car and got picked up by Jackie (yay! Love him!) and taken all the way up the mountain to The Land. The trek up the mountain was AWESOME! Jackie knew the roads like the back of his hand so he flew through small lakes of water and up mountains of rock at super fast speed. We weaved in between huge trees and waterfalls, I felt like I was on a Safari ride at Disney World or Busch Gardens- Welcome to my life. 

We got to camp and again, sooo not what I was expecting. They had built a little house with one open room with a fire place and a bathroom that was under construction. We didn’t even need our tent, we could just set up our bedding on the floor in the house and leave it at that. There was a little outhouse set up about 100 feet from the house that had a real, running water toilet, a sink and a shower. A little to the left was a barn style thing and a few seriously powerful generators that were powering the whole operation. 

We pulled up and were immediately greeted by our ‘bosses’ and the other ‘employees.’ Again, everyone was SO amazingly nice and wonderful and it was SO great to be back in the mountains. So serene. 

Most of the trimmers were from out of the country. Mexico, Bali, Spain, it was an awesome mixing pot of cultures. 

OMG, speeeaaaking of a mixing pot of cultures- so being homeless doesn’t mean I’m always sleeping in my car and actually for the past few days, I have set up shop in my hook up buddy’s apartment (more on that later.) Right now, I’m sitting in the corner of his bed on my laptop writing this and he and his roommates just busted in the door with a keg of beer and a carton of eggs, chanting “Kegs and Eggs, Kegs and Eggs!”- it’s 11am. As much as I would LOVE to shut myself in his room and finish this story, I feel that I MUST go out and socialize… can’t be a bad house guest, you know? ;)

I’m posting this right now so I can keep with my One Post A Day Every Day in July and ‘Adventures in Pot Farming: Part II… CONTINUED’ will be coming soon! Thanks so much for reading <3   

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What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?
Anonymous asked

The longest relationship that I have ever been in was with my high school sweetheart, Mike. We dated junior year, half of senior year and freshman year of college- so a little over 2 1/2 years. It was puppy love so it was a little different than dating in the ‘real world’ but he is an awesome guy and we are still friends after all these years. Thanks for asking!